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The TOB Cable is the only cable you'll need featuring faster charging, maximum data transfer, HD video and premium audio.

By combining the latest advances in fiber optic and electronic technology we have created one of the most exciting cable out there. The TOB cable has a specially designed connector that snaps to various adapters but our goal was to create a cable that uses all the best of today’s technology that works with all your gadgets and has the capabilities to evolve with the future advances.

Why the TOB cable?

  • The TOB cable connector is easily plugged in and it’s circular design means there is no wrong way. It unplugs easily and protects your connectors if someone pulls on the cable.
  • The TOB is the perfect travel companion allowing you to pack only one cable that fulfills all your needs. Charge you phone, listen to music, play videos from your phone on a TV or transfer photos to your computer at maximum speed.
  • The TOB cable is designed for fast charging which meaning you can charge your phone and gadget up to twice as fast. 
  • Using USB 3.1 the TOB cable can transfer data up to 10 Gbps and is backwards compatible. With TOB your cable is no longer the limiting factor.
  • The TOB cable is designed to deliver Full HD Video and our adapters are designed to fit most gadgets and TV’s on the market.
  • Using the TOB cable for your speakers and headphones ensures optimum sound quality and our adapters are designed to fit the most popular headphones and gadgets on the market.
  • The TOB connector offers increased protection from water compared to most connectors used today.

The TOB cable is made from tangle free nylon. Inside the cable are heavy gauge copper wires and an optical fiber. This design means it can work with any device, has limitless potential and is future proof.

By blending together the properties of copper and fiber optic technology we believe we are getting the best of both worlds. The TOB cables heavy gauge wires also offer some potential future upgrades such as laptop charging and transmissions through fiber optics are not affected by electromagnetic radiation. The fiber optic is electrically non-conductive so it’s not affected by the copper wires. Optical fibers have very low loss over long distances allowing transmission without the need for repeaters. A single optical fiber can carry 3 million full duplex voice calls and 90,000 TV channels.

The TOB cable comes in two lenghts: 5 and 10 ft

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