Sun Strap - Solar Power Charger

Brand: Janulus
Product Code: SS5800
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The Sun Strap is a flexible solar panel with a built-in 5.800 mAh battery and a 5V/1A USB output that can charge any USB device such as your smartphone, tablet or camera.


With the Sun Strap, your bag becomes a charging station as you go about your day but the Sun Strap is designed to be very light and durable weighing only 5.8oz (165 grams).

Why the Sun Strap?

  • The Sun Strap is capable of charging all your mobile devices and you won't have to worry about running out of battery when you are away from outlets.
  • The Sun Strap has a large battery that stores more than one charge of most mobile phones.
  • You can store up a reserve power on sunny days, or charge the Sun Strap before leaving your home.  
  • The Sun Strap is designed to fit any bag strap and become a part of your bag in a stylish and comfortable way.

With the Sun Strap you create your own renewable energy as you go about your day.

How does the Sun Strap work?

The Sun Strap uses a flexible solar panel that goes around any bag strap and charges its internal battery as you go about your day. Sun Strap uses a 1.5W flexible solar panel and has a 5.800 mAh built in battery that when fully charged is capable of charging an iPhone 5 3½ times. The Sun Strap is made out of weather and water resistant fabrics.

On the bottom of your Sun Strap you'll find a 5V/1A USB output, LED battery indicator and 5V/1A micro USB input so you can always leave the house with a full battery.

When/Where to use it:

Music festival 
Outdoor photography

....or any other outdoor activity

The Sun Strap is designed to fit just about anywere, for example on your backpack, purse, golf bag, computer bag, and even your bike. It's made from weather and water resistant fabric and at the bottom of the Sun Strap you'll find a micro USB plug for the option of charging the Sun Strap via outlet or computer (outlet plug not included).

Weight: 5.8oz (165 grams)

Size: 3” x 15” (7.6 x 38 cm)

Battery: 5,800 mAh Lithium-Polymer

Outputs: 5V/1A  

Input: 5V/1A  

Compatible with: Apple, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, GoPro and most others USB devices.

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